Hills Shire Central ward/Kellyville area residents ask The Hills Shire Council to step up its investment in public infrastructure: More parks, trees, waterways, more public spaces, bike lanes, building of swimming pool and public library.


Within the Kellyville community we are witnessing the increased development of housing and apartments, however, there is a lack of public infrastructure to go along with this development. We require investment into public infrastructure which can allow the growing Kellyville community to engage in healthy physical and mental activities. The lack of public infrastructure is evident by the clear lack of library, swimming pool, public parks, bicycle lanes and public spaces, just to name a few. What we are proposing is to put forth plans for the development of exactly such infrastructure which will add significant value to the community and its citizens.
Specifically, we would like to see further investment into three key areas: Nature, Community and Culture.
Nature: More parks, trees, and waterways – will improve the ecological health and wellbeing of the Kellyville area as well as reduce the extreme heat effecting the area.

Community: Swimming pool and library – will provide significant value to the Kellyville area by allowing spaces for the community to develop their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Culture: more public spaces – will allow for more community interaction and activity and the running of valuable cultural programs which will enhance the lived experience of all members of our community and allow for a healthy environment for our community to access diverse cultural experiences.




Will you sign our petition and urge the Council to invest in public infrastructure in Kellyville?

Dear Hills Shire City Mayor and Councillors,


The public infrastructure within the Kellyville area is not able to keep up with the rapid housing and apartment developments taking place throughout the community. We urge you to increase investment into public infrastructure which will not only enhance the lived experience of the Kellyville area, but will also allow all those who reside within our community access to resources which can significantly improve their mental and physical health. Furthermore, these public resources will provide significant benefits to future generations who reside within the Kellyville area.

Specifically, we urge you to deepen and intensity your commitment to delivering:

  • Increase in green cover across the local government area via more parks, trees, and waterways
  • More public spaces for community interaction and cultural experiences
  • More bike lanes for safe riding practices, covered and shaded bus stops
  • Building of a library, swimming pool, and more sports facilities in the community.


Yours for a safer and more livable community,

    Disclaimer: After signing this petition, you may be contacted by the Greens NSW.

    “Greens lead solutions that put people and the environment first, not the developers.”

    – Vida Shahamat Candidate for The Hills Shire.