I have lived in Cessnock for 4 years; my career has been in nursing. I have worked in Neonatal Intensive Care, paediatrics and general practice, both in Sydney and Canberra. I have lived in a few different towns over the years including Moree and this has allowed me to see how different communities work. Currently I am undertaking study at the University of Newcastle this has given me great insight into politics and how the world works. This alongside my former nursing career allows me to understand better the things we can improve in Cessnock.

We all need to work out a way how to live on this planet sustainably and without causing harm to the environment protecting all who live here.

Should I be elected to council I will work to ensure transparency of council in all aspects. I will work to ensure that Cessnock council services are available to all in the community including those who rent, people who do not have access to transport and the elderly. 

Underpinning this is the need for economic equality. I will be standing up against rate increases, following the pandemic and years of wage stagnation. I will call for a wage cap for executive employees of the council, in solidarity with those who are struggling.

I will also work to ensure better traffic flows and the safety of people walking our streets.

I would like your support so I can fight for you.