Greens on Council will Act on Climate Change

Greens on Council will Act on Climate Change

Climate Change impacts on many aspects of modern life and must be addressed across many policy areas. Our local councils can and must play a key role in responding to the impacts of climate change.

Greens on Council will take Real Action on Climate Change:

1. Committing to reduce the carbon emissions of the council itself and making the shift to use of renewable energy.

2. Educating and providing incentives to the community to reduce their carbon emissions and move to use of renewable energies.

3. Working to transition to 100% clean renewable electrical energy both locally and across NSW.

4. Encouraging local waste minimisation, water conservation, water efficiency and water re-use and re-cycling.

5. Planning to give primacy to Ecologically Sustainable Development principles and respond to the challenge of climate change.

6. Supporting sustainable building principles including in relation to energy supply and conservation.

Greens on Councils across NSW have already been key in the implementation of many waste minimisation and water conservation measures. Greens have introduced significant sustainable development principles and been at the forefront with advocacy and education on moving to a renewable energy future. Greens Councillors have also been the drivers on councils to reduce the council’s carbon emissions and increase the council’s use of renewable energy.


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June 15, 2017