At this local election, The Greens have focused on real climate action, protecting our natural and built heritage, an active, vibrant and inclusive community that supports vulnerable people, and a council that is accountable, transparent and gives people a real say.

Here’s a summary of what we will do to help create a fair, safe and sustainable future for everyone. You can also view a video summary on our Facebook page.


  • more renewable energy including for community halls and sporting grounds
  • more footpaths and cycleways, community and public transport
  • transition to electric vehicles
  • a clear pathway to net zero emissions
  • funding to support climate action


  • protecting and restoring land and waterways
  • more walking trails and paths
  • conserving and promoting local built heritage
  • agriculture that regenerates the land
  • cutting waste, recovering resources and supporting repair


  • a plan for affordable and crisis housing
  • caring for vulnerable and disadvantaged people
  • creating a more diverse local economy
  • boosting local arts and crafts
  • supporting community groups


  • fair rates and charges
  • transparent and accountable decision-making
  • supporting people to actively participate
  • working for all our towns and villages
  • giving people a real say in decisions that affect them

With most councillors retiring, we have an opportunity for genuine and positive change.

Vote 1 The Greens, Group A and then preference other candidates who will make a real  difference.

Authorised by D. Hayden for The Greens NSW. Suite D, 263-279 Broadway, GLEBE NSW 2037.