Wingecarribee Shire Council

Our Councillors and Our Plan for the Wingecarribee Shire

Gordon Markwart

Gordon spent 10 years of his childhood in Robertson, attending Robertson Public School and then Moss Vale High. After moving to Sydney for employment, raising a family and holding various corporate jobs for 30+ years and living and working overseas for a few years, Gordon returned to Robertson several years ago. He is well-known around Moss Vale as a postman, a job which brings him into contact with the community and keeps him fit. Gordon is passionate about the environment and sustainability and is a regular bushwalker and nature photographer.

Gordon’s personal values are aligned with those of The Greens, which are:

  • Ecological sustainability
  • Grassroots participatory democracy
  • Social justice
  • Peace and non-violence

Gordon says: ”What I want to bring to council is the inclusion of environmental impacts in decision making, the involvement of the local people, the community in determining council actions and initiatives, while maintaining the quality and loveliness of the Southern Highlands for all residents and importantly, the future residents of this wonderful shire.”

Excellence in community facilities

The Greens will work towards providing and improving good community facilities such as improved pedestrian paths, cycle ways, Community Centres and support for local based child care facilities.

Combat causes of climate change

We will take action against the causes of climate change and the effects it is having in our Shire. Council must ensure our decisions don’t come at the expense of our children.

Our achievements on council

The Greens have worked on Council to make the Highlands a better place for all. We have:

  • Helped ensure an affordable and successful Moss Vale Aquatic Centre was built.
  • Promoted energy saving measures on all Council infrastructure including solar panels, solar hot water and LED lighting.
  • Participated in the Environment Committee to help manage the Environment Levy.
  • Strongly opposed unsustainable large subdivisions.
  • Supported community campaigns against inappropriate development proposals.