Bayside council: Declare a climate emergency!

We are calling on Bayside Council to join local governments across the country in declaring a climate emergency and implementing a climate action plan.


As a coastal and riverside community, Bayside Council will face devastating consequences from climate change. We are losing our window of opportunity to safeguard our communities and our local environment.

We need to strengthen environmental protections and promote local clean energy. We need planning instruments that prioritise sustainability over developer greed. Most of all, we need a council that recognises the global cllimate emergency, and has a plan for the greatest environmental challenge of our generation.

Will you sign our petition and urge Bayside Council to get real about climate action?

Dear Bayside Council,


We demand you recognise the immense threat to our community and environment posed by climate change. Bayside council must join with councils across the country, declare a climate emergency, and implement a climate action plan. We need a comprehensive, consultative response that covers all aspect of local government, from planning to waste management, from transport to community facilities. We can wait no longer.


Yours sincerely,

    Disclaimer: After signing this petition, you may be contacted by the Greens NSW.

     “We deserve a council that looks to a future beyond the next election, that values our coastline and communities as much as we do. We deserve a council that takes climate change seriously”

    – Greta Werner lead candidate for Bayside Ward 3