Hi I’m Kym Chapple and I’m a lawyer, activist and mum of two girls living in Central Ward on sovereign Bidjigal land. I love this place, the beach, our headland and the engaged and progressive local community and I want to work with you to make it somewhere that cares for all of us. 

Lockdown last year showed us all the importance of our local area; our parks to play in, the playgrounds and community spaces, the library and bike paths. Council is responsible for so much of what happens in our daily lives, and it should reflect who we are as a community. 

We have a vision for green, sustainable neighbourhoods, community facilities and empowering residents that can make Maroubra an even better place to live, work and play. We need to stop the astroturfing and fencing off of green open spaces and protect our parklands from parking. We need to plant more trees to enhance our tree canopy. We need to stop developers and corporate interests writing the rules and ensure the community decides our future. 

I’m excited to speak with you about our vision for expanding public early childhood education so all kids get a fair go, tool libraries and supporting communities in repairs and maintenance, enriching our public spaces with more opportunities for art and local artists, and making it easier to walk, run and ride around this area.

Councils are leading the way on reducing emissions and we need to get to zero emissions soon, including by accelerating support for community members to install renewables and batteries. The Greens have a proud tradition of driving this and there is more to do.  

Our shared community spaces should be vibrant and engaging places to socialise which are safe for children, women and marginalised people. Our area continues to change with more development pressures, I will work to ensure we protect our environment and cultural places and council delivers the services that are needed to support communities to thrive.