Marrickville Station is an important gateway. Thousands of people come and go through its gates everyday and thousands more pass by along Illawarra Road.

So why is this gateway so shabby?

In 2015 Marrickville Station was upgraded to make it accessible. As part of the same suite of works the platform buildings were restored and elements of the entrance remodelled to suit the heritage status of the station. State rail did a very good job, particularly with the station’s restoration work.

However, all this good work did not make it out of the station proper. Today, the station walls running along Illawarra are a litter of cheap advertising, aged street art, a careless attitude to the interface between the station and new development and poor maintenance. Despite this the station walls have “good bones”.

With a proper management plan and maintenance schedule the entrance of Marrickville Station would make a fantastic contribution to the quality of this important part of Marrickville’s urban environment.

The Greens will work with State Rail, the RMS and local property owners to prioritise the improvement of the Marrickville Station Precinct.