Ned Cutcher

Councillor for Burwood

Hi, I’m Ned Cutcher, your Greens Councillor for Burwood. I’m a long-term resident of Croydon Park, a parent to two teenagers, a committed advocate for social and economic justice – with my legal and advocacy background I have spent the last two decades helping vulnerable people stand up for their rights.

As a housing justice specialist, I have helped households fend off traumatic evictions and supported communities through proposals to redevelop entire neighbourhoods. I have been influential in securing legislation to improve renters’ rights and I have campaigned to make housing more affordable for all. I have taken these issues up to governments of all persuasions at the local, state, and federal levels.
I’ve seen first-hand how important it is to have good representation in our community, and that’s why I am putting my hand up for local council. As a Green, I am 100% committed to grassroots democracy, and I would like to see Burwood Council take a more proactive approach to engaging with local residents.
Right now, the Burwood town centre is being transformed into a high-density cityscape, and the impacts of this will be felt for generations. There’s a lot of smaller scale development going on around the suburbs too, and this is disrupting and changing the way we live. Without real community-led plans and a vision for liveability, we risk losing much of what we love about Burwood – from walkable streets, thriving centres, beautiful heritage, and tree-lined streets to massive tower blocks, underground parking lots, and all-day traffic jams.
I look forward to working with you as your Greens Councillor for Burwood.



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