We need to say “No Croc Park” in the Blue Mountains

The Croc Park was a silly idea when it was first proposed in 1989, now it is just absurd!


The proposed “Blue Mountains Wildlife and Tourism Development” aka ‘The Croc Park’, now being promoted as State Significant Development, is completely inappropriate for a long list of reasons, including;

– it is completely inconsistent with the Blue Mountains Local Environment Plan, and is incompatible with our community’s vision of how the land between our villages should be used;

– it will result in unacceptable environmental impacts on the adjacent hanging swamp, and is inconsistent with maintaining the values of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area;

– the topography of the site and its proximity to the Great Western Highway make the anticipated traffic impacts simply unmanageable.


Greens candidates for Blue Mountains Council



Will you sign our petition and urge the Government to dump this croc of a proposal?

Dear Premier,


Please understand our community stands united in opposition to the proposed ‘Croc Park’ development.

The only ways in which it will ever be of State Significance will be the environmental and reputational damage it will cause if allowed to proceed.

We call on the NSW Government to cease any further consideration of the proposal, and to require rehabilitation of this precious site.


Yours for a peaceful and natural Blue Mountains,

    Disclaimer: After signing this petition, you may be contacted by the Greens NSW.

    “The State Government and the Minister for Planning need to understand the Croc Park will never be accepted by the Blue Mountains community”

    — Ward 2 Councillor Brent Hoare