Green open spaces are at a premium in the high-density suburbs of Sydney’s east. In Woollahra we need to ensure we care for and enhance our existing parks, nature reserves and green spaces and ensure we balance the varies interest of our community – from the dog walkers, to our kids of all ages, our sportsmen and women, and of course, our seniors.

The Greens will work to implement an Urban Forest strategy – to enhance the care and maintenance of council’s trees in public parklands and nature reserves. This strategy will replenish lost trees and ensure we grow our urban canopy – as a mitigation measure against the urban heat island effect, and because as the science tells – we all benefit from a leafy green outlook.

The Greens will ensure a balance between those who use our parks for exercise and personal training, with those who walk dogs or just enjoy a quiet stroll by the harbour. By building more outdoor fitness equipment we can support our community in the adjustments they’ve made post-COVID, enjoy the beauty of our incredible parks, and safeguard enough open spaces for passive recreation and of course, our much-loved off-leash areas.

The Greens will support our community sportsmen and women by campaigning to maintain all of Woollahra’s ovals and sporting grounds as natural turf. We will oppose the further introduction of synthetic fields because the cost-blow outs (in excess of $1m) at Woollahra 1, the pollution caused to the environment and devastating health impacts for players.