Newcastle could become one of the world’s top cycle-friendly cities and benefit from the impressive health and economic benefits of increased cycling, including healthier citizens, better air quality, less noise pollution and increased tourism.

To realise these benefits, Newcastle Council needs to prioritise infrastructure spending and construct a safe, connected network of bike paths throughout our city and suburbs. Newcastle council has a new Cycling Plan that includes a suggested network of cycleways modelled on the long established Cycle Safe Network.  Last year the Council allocated $5 million to constructing cycleways but spent only one third of that.  For the financial year 2021-22, council has only budgeted $1.5M for cycleways.

At this rate it will take us over 40 years to build the 45kms we require.

We need Council to commit to spending the money required to complete the Newcastle Cycle Safe Plan as soon as possible, which includes the money already allocated but not yet spent. With 1579 suggestions from cyclists about where to make improvements, there is no shortage of places to start.

The Greens will prioritise infrastructure spending on cycleways, including increasing internal Council capacity for design work.  To deliver a complete network, we will prioritise capital works that link existing sections to provide safety for end-to-end journeys.  We will ensure the cycleways are not just paving, but ensure any new works provide clear signage, lighting and key amenities such as tyre pumps and water bubblers.

Sign the petition to tell Council to complete the Safe Connected Cycleways plan now