I have been living & practicing in this area as a clinical psychologist for more than 30 years. 

I know firsthand the anxiety that people experience when they are confronted with an unknown future due to rapid climate change. As a member of the Greens, I believe in putting people and the environment first. 

Our policies are geared towards building resilient communities, to ensure an inclusive, democratic, socially just, liveable and climate-safe future for all.

Local government helps shape our local communities, and the Greens will lead solutions from a local level that accelerate our climate emergency response and ensure equitable pandemic recovery by investing in thriving neighbourhoods and local economies. We will ensure that council resources are channelled to improve health, liveability, and amenity for all residents while protecting and enhancing our urban ecology and biodiversity.

If Greens are elected for Hills Shire Council, we will be open to new ideas and be informed by best practices. We will work collaboratively, and we will be willing to take ambitious action to represent our communities.