The Greens have a proven track record on Council resisting development pressure, stopping major overdevelopments like the Rose Bay Marina, and leading the preservation of our area’s character and amenity.

As Greens candidates both Matthew and Nicola are strongly opposed to Council’s proposal for 26 storey towers at Edgecliff – full stop!

Council’s current proposal represents a vast overdevelopment of the existing Edgecliff centre, which will risk overshadowing neighbouring heritage areas in Paddington and Cooper wards.

Local infrastructure (footpaths, sewage, footpaths and roads etc) is woefully inadequate to support the increased density delivered by the proposed multi-storey residential towers with a floor space ratio (FSR) of 7.5:1!

Greens Councillors have pushed for extensive community consultation on the Edgecliff Centre proposal and will continue to give voice to, and work with residents to oppose overdevelopment.

Matthew and Nicola will continue the fight against multi-storey towers and also want to work with residents to deliver the small-scale improvements, traffic-calming and beautification called for by the local community.