This term of Council, the Greens have pushed hard against an increased floorspace ratio. Council’s decision to maintain a floorspace ration of 0.5:1 is the result of a Greens push to introduce a mandatory canopy control for Woollahra’s low and medium density residential zones – the first control of its kind in NSW. Excluding heritage areas, the new controls will mandate that developers plant a minimum number of significant canopy trees (those reaching a mature height greater than 3meters). This control will, over time, replenish the devastating loss of canopy experienced in Woollahra over recent years. Everyone wants the benefit of a leafy-green outlook, and this control set will ensure that developers contribute to growing Woollahra’s canopy.

While trees on private land represent the greatest opportunity to increase Woollahra’s canopy, we can’t forget about those trees on public land – our street trees, bush reserves and trees in public parklands. Together all these trees make up Woollahra’s urban forest. The Greens will continue to push for the roll out of an urban forest strategy which seeks to increase the number of trees, replacing those lost and those unsuitable for the urban environment. The value our community places on our impressive canopy cannot be taken for granted, and a strategy is required to ensure not only successional planting but ongoing care and maintenance.