This is our how-to-vote card for the QPRC elections. We encourage you to VOTE 1 Greens above the line, and then number the other squares above the line in the order of your preference. This means you can make the most of your vote. If your preferred candidate is not elected, then your vote flows to your next preferred candidate, and so on.

You can number as many squares as you wish. Remember, you are electing 11 councillors, so consider numbering the square for all of the people you would like to work for you on the next council.

If you want to vote below the line, you need to number at least six squares to make a formal, or valid vote. Otherwise, your vote won’t count.

Owing to COVID-19, candidates will not be allowed to offer how-to-vote cards to voters as they enter polling booths. Instead, you’ll find The Greens how-to-vote card on our posters outside voting booths. Take a photo with your phone or scan the QR code to have the details available when you cast you ballot.

This election is an opportunity for positive and genuine change. With your support, we can create a fair, safe and sustainable future for everyone. Vote for a council that can make a difference.

You can find out more about voting on the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Authorised by D. Hayden for The Greens NSW. Suite D, 263-279 Broadway, GLEBE NSW 2037.