We need participatory budgeting in Bayside

Are you tired of Council working behind closed doors and worried about how ratepayer money is spent? Would you like the community to have more of a say?


NSW Councils are updating their strategic planning documents in consultation with local communities, but Bayside has a record of making important decisions without properly consulting the community. Take Gardiner Park for example, where council are spending upwards of $3 million on a synthetic field and the only group consulted was a soccer club. Meanwhile a $124 million asset maintenance shortfall over ten years has been identified in council’s quarterly report.



Will you sign our petition and urge Bayside to be more transparent about their budget?

Dear Bayside Council,


Allow our community access to your long-term financial position so our community can see, understand, and express our views on the rating policies and longer-term spending priorities of our Council. We are calling for a newly elected Council to embark on a proper participatory budgeting process such as the one conducted in the City of Bayswater (WA). Please create opportunities for information sharing and consultations in preparing your new Community Strategic Plan.


Yours sincerely,

    Disclaimer: After signing this petition, you may be contacted by the Greens NSW.

    “We ask Bayside to include residents in spending decisions”

    – Greta Werner candidate for Bayside Ward 3