I am honoured to have been elected as your representative on Kempsey Shire Council. I am a unifying influence, working effectively with a diverse team of Councillors to benefit the community. I am maintaining my Arthur Bain triple A rating being Authentic, Accessible and Accountable – from the mountains to the sea.

I have lived in the Macleay (Thunggutti/Dhanggati country) for 32 years. I currently work as a Relief teacher; my Councillor role is my priority.

I was the CEO of the Thunggutti Local Aboriginal Land Council, a local government entity, from 2020 – 2022 and have successfully applied for grants on an unprecedented scale. This demonstrates my impact, fiscal responsibility, and ability to deliver on contractual obligation to meet the needs of community. Previously I was an Educational Case Worker with the Department of Justice, and before that a principal of a ‘Small’ school for 12 years, working to meet the needs of families and children of the Millbank community. I have been an educator for 40 years.

I have seen firsthand the impact of inequity and social exclusion. I have experience in community consultation, listening to, and acting on, the needs of community members. I have listened to groups who feel disenfranchised by their lack of influence with Council. I am confident that listening to and being accountable to the local community is part of my makeup and is what the people of Kempsey expect from a Councillor. I want the community to be aware of issues that will impact them and feel confident that their views have been considered.

I have been active in the RFS for 26 years, represented the views of our community during the Bushfire enquiry and was a founding member of the Save Our Macleay River Association, working to improve the health of the river and surrounds to the benefit of all who live on the river.

I understand the importance of effective planning, being guided by ethical values, of the link between environmental health and healthy, prosperous communities. We must have a vision for the 21st Century, building resilience. I want Kempsey Shire to be prepared and able to cope with what the future holds.

I am passionate about social justice and having a sustainable future for all members of the Kempsey Shire and I will continue to work to build a more resilient, healthier, and safer community