A Greens motion was passed at Council declaring a Climate Emergency. We joined the UN “Race to Zero” global initiative and are investigating the Dark Skies light-spill reduction movement for further paths to emissions reductions. Council has joined “Cities for Climate Protection” to set and meet emissions reduction targets.

Greens ethical investment motions have reduced Council’s portfolio’s exposure to fossil fuels from 59% to 24.5%.

We supported the introduction of electric vehicles and bicycles to Council’s fleet, solar arrays on council buildings and LED lights in public spaces.

The Greens are working to:

  • Increase solar and battery storage on council properties, including heritage buildings.
  • Expand the use of microgrids to deliver renewable energy across Waverley.
  • Support initiatives to retrofit solar to rental properties and apartments
  • Work with regional councils to purchase regionally produced renewable energy.
  • Continue Council and community advocacy for safe climate actions including opposition to fracking for coal seam gas and deep offshore mining, and for phasing out coal mining