The Greens drive environmental outcomes on Waverley Council.

We have championed stormwater capture and reuse at Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte beaches, and bush regeneration and restoration of the Tamarama and Bronte gully waterfalls.

The Greens are working to:

  • Restore native plantings of local species to parks and gardens, increase street tree canopy and healthy coastal bushland programs to promote wildlife corridors and habitat.
  • Enhance public recreation in balance with ecological protection in parks and beaches.
  • Increase public space especially green space where possible.
  • Move towards zero-waste by encouraging reuse, recycling and repair for all council operations and commercial and residential
  • Introduce Food Organics as part of the Green Waste Program.
  • Eliminate single-use plastic and polystyrene takeaway cups in Wa
  • Oppose outsourcing of Waverley’s excellent waste collection services.