Liz Atkins

Councillor for Inner West Council – Damun (Stanmore) Ward

I passionately believe in a diverse, connected and accessible Inner West, where community comes together to live, work and play in places where we all feel we belong, where we can make connections with each other and where every one of us feels safe.

Together we can create a community where everyone can afford to live close to where they work or study, which is inclusive and sustainable, with the right balance between development, heritage and open space and has the appropriate infrastructure.
I’ve lived in Damun Ward for the last 24 years, my kids did most of their schooling in Newtown, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I’m now 64 and live a very active life. You may have seen me on my morning walks around the area, with my green hair and “woke” t-shirts.
I was a long term Australian Public Servant, retiring as Deputy CEO at the anti-money laundering regulator at the beginning of 2016. After consulting for a few years, I needed to find some purpose. After getting more involved with the Greens and in climate, refugee and queer issues, and local issues like West Connex, I realised that Council was where I could contribute because it’s about working with the community to improve the place we live.
I love working with local residents, helping them solve local issues and dealing with council, while at the same time remaining engaged with the bigger issues which concern our community.



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