Waverley is already densely settled. Greens have worked hard and consistently to protect the character of our suburbs. Greens on Council will continue to resist the Liberal support for more damaging overdevelopment.

During Covid-19, we supported recovery programs for local businesses.

The Greens are working to:

  • Retain the distinctive low rise character and narrow subdivision patterns of local shops and support local shopkeepers.
  • Eliminate site consolidation policies facilitating high rise development.
  • Protect heritage precincts and historic villages by providing research, incentives and advice on restoration practices.
  • Prohibit excavation in Bondi sand body to avoid damage to neighbouring buildings.
  • Retain Waverley’s public housing and expand the affordable housing portfolio.
  • Oppose amalgamation and keep councils local and accountable.
  • Expand engagement with First Nations representatives.
  • Provide more street seating, street trees and drinking fountains.