The beauty of life in Waverley is that all our needs are often found within walking, cycling or a short distance on public transport. The Greens support local services and enhanced local transport options.

We resisted NSW government changes to local bus routes and restored the 314, 316 & 317 services to Bondi Junction.

Greens have strongly supported cycling as a transport option, expansion of the cycleway network, and introduced car share systems to Waverley.  Free parking for scooters has been increased.

The Greens are working to:

  • Reduce congestion by supporting walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Make footpaths more pedestrian-friendly and accessible for prams and wheelchairs.
  • Increase safe cycling routes and provide more bicycle parking.
  • Achieve a faster response to fix potholes to protect all road users.
  • Retain bus services in public hands and introduce quiet electric buses.
  • Support reduced speed limits on residential streets for safety and reduced noise.
  • Build more electric vehicle charging stations and electrify Council’s car fleet.
  • Deliver pedestrian-safe access to Bondi Junction Interchange from the Mall with enhanced service information.