1 – Stop overdevelopment

Our community is being destroyed by overdevelopment and a lack of community-focused planning. We will
ensure local development rules are appropriate and that all new development is in keeping with the community’s
expectations rather than just delivering huge profits to developers.

2 – Tackling climate change

We have a plan that will make Burwood Council a leader in renewable energy by maximising local solar power
generation, using electric vehicles, and sourcing clean energy for all of council’s energy needs. We will ensure
council sets strong building rules so that all future development is less damaging to the environment.

3 – More parks, playgrounds and green space

We desperately need more parks and playgrounds that provide trees and green space for relaxation and great
places for our kids to run and play. As our town centre grows I will ensure all future plans for rezoning include
generous provision of parks, playgrounds and green space.

4 – Respecting the views of our community

This council is ignoring the views of local residents by pushing the massive overdevelopment of Burwood town
centre. I will make sure that council takes resident views seriously and actually listens to the community.

5 – A vibrant community of diversity and inclusion

Our plan will ensure Council will do more to support local business and encourage a vibrant community for
arts, culture, music and entertainment. As your local councillor I will make sure Burwood has more events and
commits to a broad range of activities to reflect our diverse and inclusive community. I will also make sure our
community centres are free of charge when used by local community groups.

Ned Cutcher – Greens candidate for Burwood