There is no time like the present to support The Greens on Waverley Council.

Greens have been campaigning on climate change for over twenty years. The global science fraternity has consistently presented evidence for increased storm intensity, changes in rainfall and temperature patterns, and increased fire risks. The climate crisis is now apparent to all.

Science tells us that we have to redouble our efforts to make significant reductions in emissions now, to limit the warming and the predicted environmental damage. Council and the community must keep playing their parts.

The Greens are engaged with the local community and have consistently advocated for sustainability; fighting against overdevelopment, valuing heritage, campaigning for a healthy active lifestyle, maintaining a clean environment and clean ocean beaches.

The Greens don’t accept donations from vested interests and continue to campaign for open and transparent governance. In this last term, we initiated the live streaming of council meetings.

Your Waverley Greens councillors are committed to six key issues:

  1. Climate emergency – local action
  2. Enrich Waverley’s cultural programs and the Bondi Pavilion Community Cultural Centre
  3. Environment – urban ecology, waste and water use
  4. Planning
  5. Local Neighbourhoods – heritage precincts, affordable housing and no more highrise
  6. Local transport