Bayside Council is in the process of redeveloping Barton and Riverine Parks. This is welcome news for residents, but we are concerned that the development does not sufficiently protect our wonderful waterways and wetlands. Landing Lights and Eve Street Wetlands are meant to be protected by state government legislation and international treaties with China, Korea and Japan to secure these sites for migratory birds. Instead, the council’s design places a car park 40m from Landing Lights when any car parking needs to be at least 100m away to make birds feel comfortable.

Here is our submission to Bayside Council, objecting to DA 2021/431. Feel free to copy all or any part of this in your own submission.

Dear Sir/ Madam

Barton Park Masterplan

I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the Barton Park Masterplan, the REF and DA 2021/431 relating to the construction of grandstand including amenities and associated works.

General comments

I commend council for developing a master plan for Barton Park. However, I am concerned that the development prioritises organised sport over passive recreation and conservation and support of ecological communities. I recommend council consider the ecological outcomes that have been achieved at Sydney Park, and re-design Barton Park to, for example, be more supportive of migratory birds.

Specific concerns

While the St George stadium was an important site for organised sport, wetlands and waterways named “Landing Lights”, “Muddy Creek” and the “Spring Creek Canal” are increasingly important to locals as population density increases and people are confined to their homes or home LGA during pandemic times. During these times team sports are too dangerous to be conducted. During pandemic times, residents need increased and varied outdoor spaces, and Barton Park has delighted residents who have been able to observe local and migratory birds at the site.

Any redevelopment of Barton Park, including a new stadium, resulting car parks, light installation, etc must consider the following:

  • An adequate exclusionary zone separating any car parks from the wetlands needs to be installed. In the current design the car park is far too close. The distance between the car park and the wetlands should be more than doubled.
  • Lighting for the stadium and car parks needs to be designed such that surrounding ecosystems and residential buildings are protected.
  • Wetlands and waterways need to be protected from run-off from any car parks or other areas of the development.
  • Buildings need to be designed to minimise noise.
  • Revegetation should be conducted using native plants.
  • Low fencing such as is used at Sydney Park should be installed to protect wildlife from dogs and pedestrians.

Please do not publish my personal contact details online.

Yours faithfully,

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