Many of our pathways in the Eurobodalla are incomplete and not safe for what should be easy trips to the shops.

This can discourage people from walking or cycling those short trips where the use of a car should be able to be avoided.

We need to remove the barriers to people being able to move around our towns and villages safely.  Whether walking, pushing a pram, cycling or using a mobility scooter or wheelchair, active transport must be safe and accessible to all.
The good news is that well-connected shared pathways that are good for walkers and cyclists also tend to be good for all of those users!

Council’s Pathways Strategy prioritises safe walking access to schools and commercial centres but this doesn’t guarantee that residents will have that access provided any time soon.

On council, the Eurobodalla Greens will prioritise the completion of shared pathways that are accessible to a wide range of users, on these and other essential community routes.

We are committed to creating walkable neighbourhoods and connected communities. Making walking and cycling the most convenient option for short trips is also a way for us to ease congestion on our roads and reduce emissions.