Roads, Rates, Rubbish … FOOTPATHS?

A Council should never be so busy doing new things that it neglects the responsibilities that it has always had. 

Take footpaths, for example. Going for a walk in Ward 2 should be a relaxing, pleasant, safe experience. Walking helps us all to stay both physically and mentally healthy. And when we walk to our destination rather than jumping in the car, this helps reduce the emissions that are ruining our climate.

However, walking the footpaths of the Blacktown local government area can be a dangerous and unpredictable experience. There are many places where the paving has become cracked or fallen apart. Low-quality repairs have all too often left the footpath in a dangerousBlacktown state of footpaths state. The wrong trees have been planted for the width of the nature strip, which creates bumps in the footpath.

The result is significant obstacles or hazards for everyone, especially those who have mobility issues or need walking aids.

What else is wrong with our footpaths?

There are also too many areas where the roads have no footpath at all. The industrial areas of Kings Park are a prime example of this. After heavy rain, pedestrians are left to choose between walking along the road’s gutter and taking the risk of slipping on the muddy nature strips.

Overgrown plants and bushes from people’s gardens often cause issues on our footpaths too. Blacktown City Council could be doing more to motivate the residents to keep their shrubs and bushes trimmed. Proper footpath maintenance would help, but Council could also support residents by ensuring that they have access to the right tools. It could encourage them to take a pride in the appearance of their street.

What Len is going to do about it

Len, as your Ward 2 councillor, and your Greens team will actively push for Council to fulfil its responsibility of prioritising the safety and everyday well-being of Blacktown LGA residents. This means maintaining and improving our footpaths. It also means ensuring the right trees are planted on our nature strips.

Footpath maintenance may not be glamorous, but it is essential if the Blacktown LGA is to become the pleasant, enjoyable place that it has the potential to be.

P.S. What about the wombats? Don’t they need footpaths too? Len will push Council to listen when residents request wombat crossings. Wombat crossings make it safer for humans to cross busy roads. They go one better than the flat zebra crossings because, being humped, they encourage slower driving. No wonder residents are asking for them!