We will fight for:

  1. Open green space within walking distance from home, as it is key to an active, healthy lifestyle.
  2. Open spaces and trees in new developments.
  3. Council to ensure adequate land is set aside for parkland when rezoning areas from industrial to residential, or otherwise allowing an increase in density. Parks must include a range of facilities to encourage active recreation by people of all ages.
  4. Every children’s play area to have trees and/or a shade sail and water fountain or bubbler, and suitable rest areas for parents and carers.
  5. Parks to have plenty of trees and encourage birds/wildlife – not just open grass fields with no shade.
  6. Councils to prioritise the retention of mature trees, particularly in built-up urban areas. Tree canopy targets must be increased and permeable ground surfaces retained wherever possible to allow rainwater absorption instead of run-off into stormwater drains.
  7. Councils to prioritise working with local water authorities to naturalise and preserve water-courses, waterways and wetlands where necessary.
  8. Free water bottle refilling stations in public spaces.
  9. Outdoor public art spaces and murals where the community can enjoy and contribute to local culture.